Jay Mohan is a filmmaker based out of Dallas, Texas. His films have already gathered worldwide recognition especially in the film festival circuits. As a computer engineer and software business owner by profession, he started down the path of filmmaking due to sheer passion. His enthusiasm to create stories covering wide variety of human emotions while his characters are faced with common diabolical yet heart wrenching hurdles make him stand out. As a story writer, director and cinematographer, he dreams of painting frames that will touch human emotions.

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FEB 2022 Ruins
BEST DIRECTOR Los Angeles Theatrical Release Competition and Awards
JAN 2022 Ruins
BEST SCREENPLAY NOMINATION Artist Forum Film Festival, New York
DEC 2021 Ruins
Best Director Moonwhite International Film Festival
NOV 2021 Ruins
BEST FEATURE FILM NOMINATION Golden Gate International Film Festival
FEB 2022 Ruins
GRAND JURY AWARD American Filmatic Arts Festival
JAN 2022 Ruins
BEST DIRECTOR 52 Weeks Film Festival, Connecticut
NOV 2021 Ruins
BEST DIRECTOR United States Film Festival
OCT 2021 Ruins
BEST EXPERIMENTAL FILM Hollywood Global Film Festival
  1. Sthreesamathwam Olakkedamoodu Poster


    A short film about women equality in the state of Kerala, India. The central character Nisha is a modern working middle class family woman in Kerala. Her husband is a police officer who talks in favor of women’s equality. Her boss is a strict manager, who is concerned about the company alone. The story is about the difficulties in day-to-day life of Nisha and what all she does to make everyone happy around her. This film revolves around the the central theme that women equality should start within the four walls of everyone’s home first.

  2. Sada Amar Rahe Poster


    An Indian soldier is captured by the Pakistani army. He is held captive, tortured and interrogated for divulging information about his country, especially the army. The film depicts the thoughts of the soldier in front of certain death. This film is loosely based on actual event.

  3. I Resign Poster

    "I RESIGN"

    A simple, forthright engineer travels from India to United States chasing the American Dream. Over the next few years, he faces discrimination due to racism in all the workplaces. This short film looks at the thoughts of this person while he comes across each incidence. The film also delves into the mindset of this individual while he is going through a depressive phase to the end where he cannot take it anymore and what he finally does to answer his mind’s need to solve this problem.

  4. Ruins Poster


    A film telling the story of grit and fighting spirit of humanity to rebuild life from the ashes. Sometime in the future, a cleaning crew that was employed by the United Federation of Earth (the country of all remaining people on earth), finds a secure hard disk containing video files.


“Proud to be in DALLAS, the hub of big dreamers”